About us

What makes us unique? ​

Who are we?

Notitia d.o.o. was founded in 2012 with the aim of providing personalized consultancy services developed on a scientific basis and adapted to the specific needs of clients and the market. We have specific expertise thanks to a professional, scientific and multidisciplinary approach that we cultivate by gathering high-quality scientists and experts from specific niches and a wide range of fields, as well as to a high level of our ability to predict and adapt to the needs of the market and clients. We cooperate with the public, business, civil and scientific and research sectors in numerous areas, and we deal with a wide range of activities. 

Thanks to our orientation towards sustainable development, preservation of the environment and climate, and social responsibility, we have a longstanding experience in the implementation of national and international scientific and strategic projects and projects in the field of research, development and innovation in various areas with the aim of improving the economy, society and community, such as sustainable development, smart specialization, green transition, digital transformation, tourism, and other similar areas.

Client in the center

In our business, we promote a unique business culture that is manifested in a personalized approach “client in the center”, providing our clients with services of the highest quality, the highest standards of ethics and professional excellence. It is our unique culture of collaboration, teamwork, multidisciplinary and holistic approach and provision of highly individualized services to clients that fulfils the wishes and needs of our clients and maximizes their business potential and creates added value. 

In addition to successfully realizing the visions of our clients for many years, we also successfully develop and implement our own innovative cutting-edge ideas and projects in various fields. Regardless of whether it is about clients’ projects or our own projects, our eternal passion and guiding thought is the development and implementation of innovative tailor-made solutions for current and real problems, on a national, international and global level.